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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

First Items!!

I've listed the first few things on Lil Bean's Etsy store!! My labels came in - made by PurpleHug at Etsy - so I was able to finish the first of the wraps. Hopefully will get some more stuff up and running soon.

A bit about these first few listings:

The Lil Bean Wrap is what I started with. I've sold several of them already and made some for friends. It all started when I got lots of comments from other mothers when I used my wrap for my son. Babywearing is important to me - it's a wonderful way to nurture your babies while having your hands free. My son loves his wrap, and I love not carting a heavy carseat along wherever I go. It's my hope that other mothers will benefit from the Lil Bean Wrap too.

SnuggleBean blankets - they're what I dreamed up while browsing in the fabric store. Part of the credit goes to my sister, who made a gorgeous blanket for my little guy, but I'd been eyeing the minky and cuddle luscious fabrics for a good while already, wondering what I could make to justify buying some ('some' = a rainbow of colours...) Hence: fluffy, luxurious baby blankets backed with soft flannelette. Come on - every baby needs a soft and cuddly blanket.

And this is just the beginning! Look for more Lil Bean stuff in the next few months...


Ashley said...

Wow, Laura, I can't beleive you did this. Excellent!! If/when i have a baby, hopefully you'll still be selling these!!

Bethany B said...

Laura, I love what you're doing!
I linked to you on my blog - hope that's okay. :-)