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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Messy Eater Bibs

After searching high and low for bibs for my little guy, who's just begun eating solids, I gave up and designed my own. There don't seem to be any bibs that are absorbent, nice and long to catch all the messes, and hard for baby to remove. The Messy Eater Bib includes all of these features. A layer of soft flannelette backed by cotton terry cloth makes it very absorbent, it's quite long (lil bean is 5.5 months in the pics) and it has a crew neck of ribbing so it can just pull over the head, making it hard for baby to pull off. This bib is a little on the large side for the bean, so I'll be making some a little smaller as well. Stay tuned!

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Eloise said...

My dear lil:)
Thank you so much for entering your cute n nostalgic story to my competition:D
I really enjoyed it!
I'm also very glad cause as a result I found out your cute blog that I didn't know you had:)