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Thursday, June 16, 2011

More knitted things for baby girl

I've slowed down some with the knitting lately, as I'm finally feeling a little better this pregnancy - enough to get out more and do other things. But here are the last two finished items, which were waiting for buttons till last night.

This is the dress I posted about a while back - I chose the hearts fabric. I think it's about a size 6-12 mo (stretchy bodice because it's knitted).

This little sweater is the free Autumn Leaves pattern. The yarn is some I dyed when I was first experimenting with "breaking" Wilton's icing dyes. This lovely seafoam and lilac colourway was dyed on a Patons Classic wool white base with Wilton's Delphinium Blue, which is a gray-blue. This is the colour it's supposed to be:
When I added acid to the dye, it broke into it's component colours, and this is what I got:

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