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Friday, April 15, 2011

My Sewing Room

After almost 4 years in this house I have finally organized my sewing room. Well, not that bad - it's gone through stages. Yay for having three little sisters (10, 12, and 15) over who alternately helped me and entertained the boys today!

Finally finished bolting or folding all the fabric, filled the cupboards, got everything off the floor!! I still need to rehang the broken white board and some prints.

For now, two small desks side by side for my serger and machine. I need a single desk, no leg between - hope to shop for that tomorrow.

The laundry basket is wrap carriers in progress, which will hopefully be done soon. The shelf has shipping boxes on top, then UFOs, the gray box is patterns, next shelf also UFOs, bottom shelf things to recycle.

Fabric shelving. Most of the fabric on here is on small cardboard bolts. Hatbox is trim/ribbon, on top is sewing machine cover, stuffing and batting, then finished baby gifts, the two clear boxes are scraps, interfacings, stabilizer, fusible web. Next shelf is sewing books, some projects, then satins and brocades, etc, then knits. Next shelf has cottons in the first two sections, then twills on the end. Next is flannel and cords, and randoms. Next is project bags. Snap press needs a better home, and the diaper box is all knit scraps from wraps.

Thread drawer. The drawer is just the right size for my thread organizers! They sit right up on the front ledge of the drawer, so I can see the colours.

Next drawer serger threads, tools, bobbins.

Notion drawer. My little sisters packaged them all carefully in small separate ziploc baggies! Elastic, ribbons, cording, etc.

Fabric cupboard. On top is two clear boxes with finished things for my shop. Top two shelves are minky fabrics. Next two shelves are fleece, last shelf is cotton velour, bamboo jersey, hemp fleece, some micro fleece.

Yarn cupboard. The way the shelf holes are placed, I can't get very good usage out of this cupboard, but at least it's all sorted - by fibre, mostly. Less than I thought I had, at least!

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