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Thursday, June 30, 2011

... and here's the outcome!

Thanks for the suggestions!

I added about 10" to the length (may take a bit off, as it feels just too long).

Then I sewed on a tapered inset neckline, just used a twin needle to sew it under the already finished neck edge. After that, I just cut two 6" wide strip of the teal at a random length, pressed it in half, tapered it into a semicircle, then sewed it under the armhole edge. I think I could have put them in a bit tighter though, as they poke out a bit much.

Does it need anything else? I have a small piece (about 12" x 30") of the teal left.


A Home In The Highlands said...

Wow, that's inspired! Very clever!

Happy Canada Day by the way! :-)

Lil Bean said...

:) Thanks! Same to you!