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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Any ideas for me?

I found this dress at Walmart for $9 yesterday.

I'm really needing something cool like this to fit the bump, but it's about tunic length on me. I thought to make it a little more interesting with some colour and lengthen it also, so tried this (pinned at the moment):

I'm not sure I'm a huge fan of this. Will be a sort of prairie style, I guess. I could do less gathers, or no gathers, or pleat it?

Also, I want to pull in the teal on the top, but am fairly uncertain what to do there. I thought maybe a ruffle along the v-neck, or just make a teal fabric rose or two to pin on, with possibly a fooler neck as the v is a bit deep on me.

Any ideas??


Suzanne said...

I think the prairie style is cute but if you'd rather not go for that look then I'd just do it straight or circular so you get a bit of a flare without the ruffle. The blue fooler would tie it together. If not roses, what about some cool freezer paper stencil in the same colour somewhere from the shoulder down?

jessw said...

Those ruffly rosettes seem to be in along the neckline...but I'd leave it as is and wear with leggings - maternity leggings are phenomenaly comfortable (I'm still wearing them) and go with lots. You could get capri length for the summer. If you want some more ideas though, check out It's an evil, addictive site though ;)